Mentally-ill man removed from Xiamen flight

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/15 14:18:39

Hunan police denied that a flight from Xiamen to Chongqing was hijacked Tuesday, saying a mentally-ill man on the flight caused a commotion.

Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8952, which was scheduled to fly from Xiamen to Chongqing via Changsha, safely landed in Changsha after a man caused a stir on the plane, Hunan's public security department said on its Sina Weibo account on Wednesday.

Police denied previous reports that the flight was being hijacked on Tuesday. The incident was caused by a man suffering from mental illness.

After another round of security checks in Changsha, the flight eventually took off from Changsha at 0:03 am Wednesday morning and reached Chongqing at 1:15 am, more than two hours behind schedule.

The flight landed in Changsha at 9:16 pm on Tuesday after Changsha Huanghua International Airport reported a man surnamed Zhang, 22, was allegedly trying to hijack the plane and was brought under control.

He was shouting, "Someone is trying to hurt me. Some brought knifes, some guns. Someone is trying to hijack the plane," Hunan police said.

Airport security said Zhang has no criminal or illegal drug use history. A urine test showed no trace of drugs.

Zhang's family said he has been suffering from mental disorder because of personal relations and work, and has also been hospitalized for lithiasis, Hunan police wrote on Weibo.

Zhang was taken to a hospital for further evaluation.

Meantime on Monday, Changsha Huanghua International Airport also received an alert from another flight from Nanjing to Guilin.

Southern Airlines CZ6406 was forced to land in Changsha at 9:56 pm. Its passengers were safely taken to Guilin on another flight at 1:25 am on Tuesday.

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