Hefei land officials mull over rule that could lead to compulsory eviction

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/15 18:38:40

Land authorities in Hefei, East China's Anhui Province are mulling over a new regulation on land acquisition, which if enforced could mean individual homeowners who refuse to move and also do not apply for an administrative review could be evicted.

According to a draft revision for the compensation of land takeover, which was published on the official website of Hefei's land and resources department on Monday to solicit public opinion, the new regulation could give rewards to the homeowners who move before the stipulated deadline.

Meanwhile, it also says that if homeowners refuse to accept the government-proposed reallocation compensation without legitimate reasons, and fail to reach an agreement on a settlement contract within a prescribed period, the local government could ask the land and resources department to request the homeowners to move.

If the homeowners refuse to leave and do not apply for an administrative review or file a lawsuit, the local government could ask the People's Court for compulsory eviction.

Illegal forced demolition as well as violence during the demolition procedure has always been a social problem in China. The central government has released several policies to deal with land expropriations and house demolition practices in order to put an end to illegal forced demolitions.

According to the amendment of the Administrative Law, claimants can file for lawsuits if the government violates agreements related to land or demolition compensation and commercial operations.

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