Chinese university uses facial recognition to enforce sexist curfew policy

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/15 19:08:40

An East China university is using facial recognition technology to enforce curfews that students are calling discriminatory against women.

According to the new policy, women at a university in Hangzhou, Jiangsu Province are required to be in their dorms by 10 pm while men are allowed to stay out until 12 am.

Students will be fined 1 yuan ($0.15) for every minute they are late, enforced by the newly-installed facial recognition systems at dorm entrances.

Women at the school are calling the recent change in policy unfair. 

"Why do women have to be back by 10 when men get to stay out until midnight? And there's fines? What?" wrote a student identified as "Claire" who posted photos of the notice.

Another student pointed out how women would have to pay 120 yuan in fines just to have the same curfew as a male student.

Officials with the school said the policy aims to ensure women's safety on campus.


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