3.84 million non-motorized violations

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/16 18:48:40

According to Shanghai traffic police, there have been 3.84 million cases of non-motorized vehicle traffic violations since January 2017, thepaper.cn reported Thursday.

Among the violations, 76,000 cases involved red light running; 180,000 cases involved driving in against traffic; 1.32 million cases involved illegally carrying passengers. Notably, 60 percent of traffic accidents in Shanghai this year involved non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles.

At 9 am on Thursday, a traffic police officer working at the intersection of Gonghexin Road and Yongxing Road caught over 10 traffic violators within 30 minutes.

One of these cases, a mail deliveryman, was riding on a scooter carrying dozens of packages, dangerously swerving from left to right just to keep balance. The driver knew he was overloaded, but explained that there were just too many packages to deliver following Double 11 shopping festival.

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