20 takeout food services share one license

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/16 18:53:39

A Shanghai woman surnamed Fang vomited and had watery stool after eating a box lunch ordered online, kankanews.com reported Thursday. Fang tracked down the address of the business and was shocked to find around 20 different catering services all preparing their food together.

"The cooking environment was extremely dirty. Garbage and oil and smoke everywhere," Fang said. "And the chefs were cooking without any sanitary measures or masks. Some chefs had no shirt on while cooking."

A local journalist discovered that the businesses only provide online food delivery service. A leasing manager of the "restaurant market" told media that there is a 50,000-yuan admission fee and an 8,000-yuan monthly rent to do business there; all the stalls can share one catering service license.

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