Boa bites the dust after swallowing entire goat

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/16 19:03:39

A boa constrictor's eyes proved bigger than its stomach when it died not long after swallowing an entire mountain goat in Hainan Province, forestry authorities said.

Farmer Fu Shushuai said he first spotted the 4.3-meter-long snake alive by his goat pen early Monday morning with a suspiciously bulging abdomen.  

After a quick scan of the livestock, Fu discovered the snake had indeed gotten his goat.

"But I didn't dare just go and grab it," said Fu, who enlisted some of the village's more strapping men to help him bag the snake and suspend it from a tree before calling authorities.  

Forestry bureau workers had attempted to save the snake, but it died while being transported to a local wildlife station. Wounds around the boa's mouth suggest it was a difficult meal to swallow.

"The goat's sharp horns may have punctured some of the snake's organs and killed it," said Fu Tao with the Wenchang Forestry Bureau.

Boas are nationally protected animals in China. This one most likely slithered over from the neighboring Tongguling Nature Reserve, Fu Tao said. 

While the snake is estimated to weigh 25 kilograms, the eaten doe weighed around 35 kilograms. She had just given birth to two kids.

Farmer Fu said he has recently lost 12 goats from his pen, located not far from the nature reserve.

"Ever since September, we've been losing goats one by one," said Fu. "We finally know the reason why."

Workers are keeping the snake's carcass in cold storage for a planned autopsy.

Fu Tao commended the villagers for alerting authorities about the protected animal.

"They didn't try and kill it, which shows there is a growing awareness of protected animals among locals," said forestry worker Fu Tao.

That doesn't mean goat farmer Fu didn't consider it. "I really wanted to get my goat out of the snake," said Fu. "But my hands were tied."

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