Pet peeve of universities

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/16 22:46:25

Illustration: Peter C.Espina/GT

The solemn vow of Hainan Normal University students last week - "I promise not to raise pets on campus!" - would not have been understood by their favorite pets, but certainly spared the animals pain and agony. Pets give us company and comfort without asking for anything in return. But have we provided effective protection to them? The answer, apparently in some universities, is no. Animal protection organizations warn that raising pets on campus not only affects owners' studies and relations with roommates, but may also spread infectious diseases. Some so-called animal lovers abandoned pets after graduation, exposing the little creatures to harm. Despite a ban by the university, some students still secretly foster animals under the name of "love." Isn't it ironic? People should give a thought before bringing pets home. It is unloving to hurt them in the name of "love."

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