Ex-secretary of S. Korean president to be questioned over graft scandal

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/11/17 16:57:07

Former senior secretary for South Korean President Moon Jae-in will be questioned by prosecutors next week on allegations that he was involved in a graft scandal embroiling his two former aides, local media reported on Friday.

Jun Byung-hun, former senior presidential secretary for political affairs, will be quizzed by prosecutors Monday as a bribery suspect, marking the first time that any senior secretary of President Moon is questioned by prosecutors since the new government was inaugurated in May.

Jun was suspected of inducing Lotte Homshopping, South Korea's retail giant, to donate 300 million won (around 270,000 US dollars) in July 2015 to the Korea e-Sports Association, in which Jun served as its chairman at the time.

Shortly after the donation, the retailer renewed its business license for home shopping channel by three more years.

At the time, Jun was a lawmaker who served on the future planning, broadcasting and communications committee of the national assembly having influence over the license renewal for home shopping channels.

Jun's two former aides were already detained for embezzlement charge as they were suspected of embezzling 110 million won of the total 300 million won.

Jun resigned as the senior political affairs secretary Thursday, saying he didn't want burden President Moon.

He told a press conference that truth will be clarified in the near future, pleading innocence.


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