Shanghai garden joins Italian counterpart

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/19 18:18:39

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and Italy's Botanical Garden of Padua signed a cooperation memorandum Saturday, according to Shanghai Morning Post.

Built in 1545, Padua, the first garden in Europe and considered the oldest in the world, is listed as a world heritage and has contributed to protection of endangered plants and scientific research.

Young as it is, 7-year-old Chenshan Garden is the first in China to sign a cooperation agreement with Padua. The two will coordinate in data sharing, plants conservation, gardening and education. Visitors to the Shanghai garden will be able to see more valuable, rare and endangered plants from Europe.

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has collected over 140,000 plant specimens and an open online platform to which anyone is able to edit.

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