Disney’s food ban hard to swallow

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/24 0:10:46

Illustration: Peter C.Espina/GT

Recently, Shanghai Disneyland Resort banned visitors from bringing food and drinks into the park, sparking a strong debate among netizens. Many people complained that they "can afford the tickets but not the food in the resort." The food there is disliked for its high price and low quality and thus many people aren't willing to pay so much money for poor quality food. Yet some other people support the ban. They think too many visitors carelessly throw away food packages in the park, making it look untidy. Maybe the expensive ban will teach a lesson to those visitors who have little care for the environment. But in the meantime, the resort needs to take public opinion into consideration and provide more affordable food options for visitors. It should not just impose a ban without giving visitors greater choices. If the food is affordable and tastes good, then more and more people will be willing to dine in the park.

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