13 Myanmar migrant workers, Thai driver killed in road accident in central Thailand

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/11/24 10:53:19

Thirteen Myanmar migrant workers and the driver of a speedy van were killed in a road accident in central Thailand on Friday, police said.

The unidentified driver was believed to have fallen asleep behind the wheel and rammed his van carrying the migrant workers into the rear of a 10-wheel truck on Asia Highway in Sing Buri province, about 140 km north of Bangkok, the police said.

A blaze engulfed the van immediately after it had crashed with the running truck on the road in the wee hours of Friday.

The 13 migrant workers had been picked up by the drowsy driver of the van from Tak province on the Thai-Myanmar border and were on their way to Bang Bua Thong area on the northwestern outskirts of the Thai capital.


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