Less than 60% of hazardous solid waste safely disposed in China

Source:Global Times - Xinhua Published: 2017/11/28 23:13:39

Laws needed to tackle solid waste disposal

Only less than 60 percent of hazardous solid waste can be safely disposed of in China, and there is a need for rapid implementation of new laws to deal with the issue, environmentalists and lawmakers said.

"A total of 40 million tons of industrial hazardous waste is produced annually, including 1.35 million tons of medical waste, but less than 60 percent can be disposed of," said Fan Yuansheng, president of the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, reported the China Economic Weekly on Monday.

More than 30 percent of cities do not have disposal facilities for medical waste, Fan added.

Members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), headed by Chairman Zhang Dejiang, held an inquiry with officials of the State Council on the enforcement of the Solid Waste Control Law on November 2, the Xinhua News agency reported.

Solid waste control should be high on the environmental protection agenda, said Zhang during the inquiry, calling for overall coordination in the enforcement of the law and other relevant laws, regulations and policies. "We should have the strictest standards of environmental protection," he said.

China's Solid Waste Control Law was passed in 1995, and was last amended in 2004.

Global Times - Xinhua

Newspaper headline: Laws needed to tackle solid waste disposal

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