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Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/29 17:48:40

On Nov 3, the cutter suction dredger TIANKUN was launched in Qingdong, Jiangsu. 140 meters long, 27.8 meters wide and equipped with a 25843KW engine, the machine can excavate maximally 35 meters deep and dredge 6000 cubic meters standardly, which makes it the biggest in Asia. The port machines made in China have reached the world leading position in key indicators.
According to UN Data, the trade value of Chinese gantry cranes and the pedestal cranes have been ranking the first continuously for 11 years, which is longer, for 16 years in bridge crane. In recent years, the gap between China and the country ranking the 2ed is increasing rapidly due to the booming of Chinese manufacturing industry. Latest data shows that the port machines from China have shared 82% of global market, risen from 70% five years ago. The World Cargo News reported that 222 in 271 orders of quay crane belonged to China. The port machines made in China are in operation in every cargo terminal of the world.
The Chinese port machine manufacturing enterprise are striving to making perfection more perfect. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., the world largest port machinery base, is typical example. To make corrections and improvements of the scheme in time, the senior engineers are always in site for the first-hand feedbacks. To enhance the efficiency of the whole operation system, through tens of thousands of trial and error, the speed of the container lifting gear is increased from ten meters to tens of meters per second with three more containers lifted at once compared to only one at the beginning. Moreover, a transtainer-GPS cooperative controlling system has been built, controlling errors under 15mm. Professional and precise as ZHENHUA, early in 2000, they have opened the market in Germany which was regarded as the country of cranes , which was just 8 years since their establishment,
After 25 years` growth, ZHENHUA has gained a wider experience of research, production and management, and was capable of providing the whole industry service. Though fierce the global market is, ZHENHUA is able to research and design the products based on the accurate judgment of the market and users. 
Every year, there are more than 100 different colors of port machine equipped, sold and launched on more than 200 cargo terminals in 99 countries all over the world. Even the American manufacturers cannot cover the ZPMC label. ZHENHUA has achieved their dream, 'where there is a port, there are cargo cranes made in China'.
The Belt and Road Initiative is another chance for the Chinese port machinery industry. It's estimated that the Chinese enterprises have participated in the operation of 20 ports, 13 countries. The top machine companies like ZHENHUA, SANY, ZHONGLIAN, are seeking to make advance in manufacturing techniques and provide needing-based products and services. The Automated Container Terminal Equipment System, favored by the international port industry, is a part of the focus. More automated terminal will be equipped and opened since 2016, such as Qingdao Port, Yangshan Port and Xiamen Port.
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Advanced Intelligent Remanufacturing Plan (2018-2020), specified the large-sized port machine as one of the main research objects. In the near future, impediment difficulties such as dismantling, detection, shape processing would be surmounted, more than 90% of port machines would be powered by solar and wind energy instead of tradition energy. China port machine is paving its way of automation, integration and environmental-friendly in advanced equipment industry.


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