Not a fan of smog?

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/30 23:27:28

Illustrations: Peter C. Espina/GT

Every winter, the smog problem becomes a hot topic in Beijing. Recently, among the new potential solutions sent to the State Intellectual Property Office is an invention called "blowing smog away by 15 million people fanning" - which attracted wide public attention. It claimed that if 15 million people fan the smog in the same direction, it would blow the light smog away. How inconceivable is this! Even if you were able to somehow organize 15 million people to fan the smog at the same time, the high buildings around Beijing would prevent the smog from actually blowing away. There is no point further discussing this as a viable idea, but we should discuss how it actually got through the intellectual property office's application procedure. Although the application may not eventually pass, is it possible for other inventions like this pass the procedure and finally get intellectual property in the future? What we need is real solutions, not implausible ones like this.

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