Philippe Germain re-elected as president of New Caledonia

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/12/1 13:42:08

The South Pacific nation of New Caledonia have re-elected Philippe Germain as president on Friday, after a lengthy process which saw the country without a leader for three months.

The political stalemate began when Germain's Caledonia Together Party won power with a slim majority of six seats to five in the 11-member government.

But when one of their ministers left New Caledonia to take a seat at the French National Assembly, some members chose to abstain from re-electing Germain. citing disagreements over economic policies and opposing viewpoints on an upcoming independence vote that would see the country separate from France.

Although it took several efforts from the French high commissioner to convene the ministers and try to finalize the appointment of Germain, in the end 10 of the 11 pro and anti independence sides voted for the president whose party strongly opposes separation from France.

The result comes just one day before French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will arrive in New Caledonia for an official State visit.


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