‘Kwaussie’ named Australian word of the year

Source:AFP Published: 2017/12/4 18:38:40

Inspired by a dual citizenship crisis plaguing politics in Australia, the term "Kwaussie" - a mix of Kiwi and Aussie - was picked Monday as word of the year.

It had been used sparingly in the past to describe a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand, but took on a new lease of life when Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce found out he also had Kiwi citizenship in August.

He was the highest profile scalp of a constitutional provision barring dual citizens from serving in federal parliament, with eight lawmakers forced to resign so far.

"In a time of covfefe, fake news, and tweetstorms, the Australian National Dictionary Centre has looked for a word of the year that is both lexically interesting and Australian," the center's director Amanda Laugesen said in a statement.

Laugesen said "Kwaussie" was first used in 2002 to describe actor Russell Crowe.

"He was described as a Kwaussie - what you get when you cross a Kiwi who can't decide whether they're a Kiwi or an Aussie," she said.

"Subsequent evidence suggests its use is predominantly Australian, found chiefly in social media, and also found with spelling variants including Kwozzie and Kwozzy.

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