Man blasts hotel clerk in face with fire extinguisher

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/4 18:43:39

Security footage captured the moment a man sprays a hotel clerk square in the face with a fire extinguisher following a heated exchange between them.

The attack occurred at a budget hotel in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province late Saturday night.

Xiao Zhang (pseudonym) was taken to hospital for breathing problems and eye injuries after her assailant used the lobby's device to blast her across the reception desk - despite the presence of a security guard, the video showed.

The suspect has been identified as surnamed Li and police are investigating the case. 

Zhang said tensions first sparked when Li called to book a room earlier that night but refused to leave his name.

"All he said was he was a friend of the boss and to tell him," Zhang told Kankan News from her hospital bed. "(I said) if I do that I have to know your name. Then he just started cursing at me."

Zhang said she hung up on Li twice. He appeared at the hotel minutes later. 

Footage shows Li kicking over flowers displayed outside the hotel before entering.

After a quick exchange, Li emerges on camera armed with the lobby's fire extinguisher and sprays it directly into Zhang's face. "Who do you think you're hanging up on?" Li can be heard saying while obscured by smoke.

Zhang is seen covering her eyes as she calls police. Li left the scene before police arrived.

The hotel owner surnamed Xu told China Business News that Li is a regular customer.

Zhang had worked at hotel for around three months. She is to get married next month.

"She told me last night that she's afraid she can't see and doesn't want to get married anymore," Zhang's mother told Kankan News.

Police said they have started an investigation into the case.

Global Times

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