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Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/4 18:53:40

Shanghai translation and publication promotion program announces latest subsidized literary works

Five contemporary and classic books, including the German translation of French Concession and the English translations of The Craft of Gardens, Myths & Legends of China, Shanghai: Mosaic of Dreams and The Tokyo Trial and War Crimes in Asia were offered subsidies for their translations during the 2017 Shanghai translation and publication promotion program issued by Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau.

Chinese publishers have long been plagued by the perennial problem of low-quality translations and restricted distribution channels. To settle such problem, the bureau set up the new Shanghai translation and publication promotion program in 2015 to encourage overseas translators to translate more Chinese publications.

The program is led by the municipal government and operated by social organizations such as publishers and cultural enterprises registered in Shanghai. Eligible applicants include both published works and works that have not been published but have gone through a copyright export contract.

Chinese books and their translated versions will be examined by prestigious translators, publishers and experts. They will be evaluated by the quality of translation, the value of the publication in the targeted market, the acceptability of readers in the targeted market and also the performance of the involved foreign publishers.

Xu Jiong, the director of the bureau, said that by supporting foreign translators to translate Chinese works and helping these books launch into foreign markets, the program can help foreign readers gain a better understanding of Chinese writers and publications. In addition, Chinese culture will receive more acknowledgment worldwide and, thus, enhance its impact in other countries and regions.

The program has received praise since it first launched. Sixty-four publications of 11 languages, including English, French, Japanese, Italy and German, have applied for the subsidy.

French Concession, by Xiaobai, depicts the ups and downs of a French-Chinese in Shanghai. The story is set in 1931, when society teemed with political and economic chaos. The book has been translated into German by Lutz-W. Wolff. The translator has much experience in translating English literature. The translated version is easy to follow with simple but accurate prose.

The Craft of Gardens, by Ji Cheng, a garden architect from the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), is an important monograph about building traditional Chinese gardens. It encompasses Ji's experiences and knowledge, distilling the great achievements of ancient Chinese architects. The translator, Alison Hardie, is a researcher on Chinese gardens. The translated work is first-rate from both an academic and commercial view.

Myths & Legends of China talks about ancient beliefs of the Chinese people. The translator, Tony Blishen worked in Beijing in the 1960s. Another translation of his, Reading Chinese Painting, was in the program in 2016.

Shanghai: Mosaic of Dreams focuses on historical and cultural traditions in Shanghai, including the geography, food and industry. Different from ordinary travel guides, it gives an in-depth look into Shanghai. Notably, the book interviewed many expats here to portray the city from their unique perspective. It was translated by Kathryn Minnick, a former editor at Xinhua News Agency, and Celine Garbutt, now a lecturer at Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation of Shanghai International Studies University.

The Tokyo Trial and War Crimes in Asia consists of the diary of Mei Ju-ao, a Chinese judge, and his abundant knowledge of law and an imperishable patriotism.

The translator of this book, Kyle Anderson, is an expert specializing in China.

The story was based on a press release by Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau and translated by Chen Zeling.

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