Jilin newspaper report discusses nuclear fallout safety, sparks debate

By Liu Xin Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/6 14:40:51

A newspaper report from a province in China that borders North Korea and Russia to the east on how to protect oneself from nuclear weapons has sparked lively discussions online, as assumptions increase on possible clashes on the Korean Peninsula.

Jilin Daily, a newspaper affiliated with the Communist Party of China (CPC) Committee in Northeast China's Jilin Province, published a report on Wednesday describing nuclear weapons, protective measures and the difference between an air raid in wartime and normal disasters.

The Air Defense office of Jilin told the Global Times on Wednesday that it wrote the article and is part of national defense education.

"We provide monthly articles on national defense education and protective measures against disasters to the newspaper. This month is an article on nuclear weapons," an anonymous employee from the office said, adding that the article has nothing to do with the political situation.

The article provides some information on nuclear weapons, including its classifications, characteristics, nuclear explosions and the damage they can cause.

The article explains how to protect oneself from nuclear weapon explosions, saying that people indoors and outdoors should take quick action once they see the flash of an explosion, including shockwaves and optical radiation.

The report also showed pictures on how to reduce radioactive contamination, including cleaning clothes and shoes and taking a shower to clean the mouth and nose.

The report sparked heated discussions on Chinese social media as talk of clashes on the Korean Peninsula have increased after the US and South Korea conducted joint drills on the heels of North Korea's latest missile test.


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