Chinese sci-fi drama ‘Die Now’ coming to streaming platform Sohu TV

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/6 17:13:39

Cast of Die Now Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV

As one of the most popular Chinese comics, Die Now, made its debut on streaming platform Sohu TV as a sci-fi drama on Wednesday, the show's producer Xu Kang announced that same day.

Originally written by Bishuiyu on Chinese comic book, or manhua, platform, Die Now tells the story about a college student who becomes involved in a mysterious hunting game while trying to find his missing girlfriend.

One of the three biggest IPs on, Die Now has stayed at the No.1 spot on the site with 2.3 billion views. The animated adaptation of the comic has also been well received, earning more than 210 million views.  

At a Tuesday pre-screening event in Beijing, fans praised the adaptation and the CG special effects.

At the event, Xu emphasized the time and efforts spent on the production.

"It took us four months to shoot the first season of 20 episodes, which includes 3,752 special effect shots and 86 actors involved as game players," he said.


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