Teens expelled for hugging, kissing

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/6 19:48:39

Two East China teens that were kicked out of school for "hugging and kissing" on campus may now be allowed to return after family members challenged the decision. 

Nana (pseudonym) and her boyfriend will have to write "self-criticisms" if they wish to return to Fuyang No. 5 High School in Anhui Province, media reported.

School officials first notified Nana's family of the decision on Saturday.

"The school told her grandfather that they were caught numerous times hugging and walking arm-in-arm," said Nana's father, surnamed Chen.

School officials said that the students had been dating for about two months, and had been caught displaying affection on three occasions - once caught on camera in the school's cafeteria.

Chen, who works with his wife in Zhejiang Province, protested the decision. 

The school has since agreed to let the students return if they pen self-criticisms and denounce their behavior.


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