The US' rejection of China's market economy status puts domestic law above international rules: MOFCOM

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/7 14:03:39

China has appealed the US' adoption of the "analogue country method" in anti-dumping practices to the WTO and expects all WTO members to fulfill relative international obligations as stipulated in Article 15 on China's WTO membership, a Chinese official said Thursday.

The comment comes after the US submitted a statement regarding China's non-market economy status to the WTO in November.

"The US' move is putting the so-called six criterions of its domestic laws above international law," Gao Feng, spokesman of China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), said at a regular press conference held in Beijing.

"The WTO rules make up the law system that all members should comply with and we hope that the US' conduct is not reflective of global ignorance to the rules," Gao noted.

A hearing about China's appeal of the EU's insistence on employing the analogue country method in anti-dumping probes against China was held on Wednesday under the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism, according to Gao.

"We have no idea why the US, which is not the involved party in the case, actually a third party, released such information in a high tone before the hearing," the spokesman said, noting "we hope that expert groups can treat the case justly and make fair judgment on the basis of international rules."

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