Virtual fur flies as ‘CryptoKitties’ collar blockchain

Source:AFP Published: 2017/12/7 19:43:40

Never mind Bitcoin mania: The real online craze to get with is to breed virtual cats.

Net-based cousins of the Tamagotchi digital pet launched in Japan 20 years ago, "CryptoKitties" are wowing owners of Ethereum, one of Bitcoin's main rivals.

With some 50,000 sold for more than $6.6 million in total, according to the creators' website, the critters are steadily collaring the blockchain, the digital virtual ledger on which so-called crypto currencies run.

Ethereum owners use their virtual cash to buy the creatures, then to bring them up and feed them while taking care to look after their well-being.

Launched last week, "CryptoKitties" have become all the rage with on Ethereum community transaction platforms and have already account for some 5 percent of exchanges, according to specialist data site ETH Gas Station.

Each kitten has unique characteristics as well as an unlimited lifespan.

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