China's commitment to open economy boosts Belt and Road participation

Source:CGTN Published: 2017/12/11 13:31:10

With over 100 billion US dollars' worth of new project contracts signed in the first ten months this year, the Belt and Road Initiative has now become a giant machine for investment opportunities across the globe.

In the same period, China has invested some 11 billion US dollars into Belt and Road countries.

Private sectors also showed increasing interest in participating. The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) saw its membership more than double during the past two years.

The SRCIC has 91 different commercial associations representing 75 countries, Lu Jianzhong, Chairman of the SRCIC, told CGTN.

In addition to connecting more countries in cooperation, China's openness and efforts in technology innovation attract more countries seeking opportunities in the inclusive market. 

An opening China makes the country a place people can look forward to finding investment and partnership opportunities and what Arab countries want the most is China's booming knowledge in the IT industry, Senator Nael Raja Al-Kabariti, the president of Union of Arab Chambers, told CGTN.

With innovation being a key element in the world economy today, China is becoming a leading force in areas like artificial intelligence and IT, said Spyros Kouvelis, former Greek Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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