Taiwan authorities arrest pro-mainland New Party leaders

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/20 0:23:01

Taiwan authorities on Tuesday arrested four leaders of Taiwan's pro-mainland New Party for "undermining national security" following their return from a trip to the Chinese mainland.  

"The Taiwan authorities have been protecting and spoiling separatists who support 'Taiwan independence,' while using all means to suppress and persecute individuals who support peaceful unification," said An Fengshan, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said on Tuesday.

"We firmly condemn such behavior and will pay close attention to this event," An noted.

The New Party supports the One-China policy, and opposes "Taiwan independence" and has been actively maintaining and promoting cross-Straits relations, to which we give high praise, An said.

Wang Ping-chung, spokesman of the New Party in Taiwan and three other young party officials were taken away after the police searched their homes on Tuesday, Taiwan-based China Times reported.

According to China Times, the four members on Saturday had just returned from a tour of the Chinese mainland, during which they held discussions with local officials in Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. Their journey had been publicly announced and was open to the media. 

The China Times' report questioned the grounds under which the "investigation department" detained the four New Party leaders.

According to the report, the authorities allege Wang violated the "national security act."

When authorities arrived at Wang's home he refused to open the door, forcing authorities to call a locksmith to force the door open. Wang live broadcast the event on Facebook Tuesday Morning. Wang called it "white terror," China Times said.

Documents "resembling account books" with simplified Chinese characters, common in the mainland, and RMB notes were found in Wang's room, Taiwan's pro-independence SET News Channel reported on Tuesday, adding that it is unknown whether they're relevant to the case.

New Party will take measures against the arrest, New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming told the Global Times on Tuesday, without providing details. Asked whether the arrest was related to the four member's trip to the mainland, Yok said he believes that Taiwan authorities are trying to intimidate his party which is gathering ever greater numbers of followers.

Many Taiwan Netizens left comments on Wang's facebook page, to show their dissatisfaction with the Taiwan authorities and in support of Wang.

"Taiwan independence" is ok but unification is not: this is the logic of the Democratic Progressive Party, a Netizen said.


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