Caojiadu Bird and Flower Market closes Tuesday

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/25 18:48:40

Caojiadu Bird and Flower Market, formerly Shanghai's biggest bird and flower market downtown, will officially close at 9 am Tuesday, Knews reported Monday. Most vendors have already moved out their shops, although those remaining are currently offering steep discounts to clear out their existing stock.

During these last few days, a number of local residents have turned up to say goodbye and buy fresh flowers. Some illegal structures in the market have also already been demolished.

The market was not only an important city landmark for Shanghai, but also quite famous throughout the Yangtze River Delta. The market specialized in flora and fauna as well as antique items at relatively low prices. But many residents nearby complained about the noises created by its vendors. The market also had many illegal structures and inappropriate architecture designs.

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