Shanghai, Heilongjiang top group standings in China's curling tournament

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/12/27 7:06:02

Shanghai Xuhui's team and Heilongjiang's first team played well during the first half of China's 2017 National Curling Tournament, and topped the standings of each group with 3-0 win-loss record and 3-1 win-loss record respectively .

On the men's actions on Tuesday morning, Shanghai Xuhui's curlers continued to expand their advantage in tactics. In the first end, Jilin's team tossed after Xuhui's team and won one point smoothly. Xuhui's curlers got back two points in the second end, and stole one point in both the third and fourth, beating its rival Jilin's third team 6-3.

"I think I gave a very normal performance today. On the first half of the match, I tossed with an insufficient force. I adjusted myself and played well on the second half," said Yu Zhihao from Shanghai Xuhui.

Yu also added that he is confident in his team and he expects a good performance in the next two matches with Jilin City and Harbin third team.

On the women's actions, Heilongjiang's first team stole three points in the first end and got a flying start. In the second end, its curlers continued to steal another two points due to the mistakes made by the rival Jilin's provincial team. Finally, Heilongjiang romped against Jilin 8-3 after end 7 and they shook hands without playing the last end.

The six-day National Curling Tournament kicked off on Dec. 24, attracting 30 teams from all over China.


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