Shui ethnic minority drama Ancient Songs at Wood Buildings’ to be staged for two nights at Minzu Theater in Beijing

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/27 19:38:40

A dance drama about the Shui writing system - one of the most important culture heritages of China's Shui ethnic minority, a group who mostly live in Guizhou Province - will be staged at Beijing's Minzu Theater on Thursday and Friday night.

Ancient Songs at Wood Buildings follows the Shui girl Anuomian as she and her fellow villagers try to protect their cultural heritage after their hometown is occupied by Japanese soldiers.

The six act drama shows how Anuomian spent decades in a wood building protecting, classifying and researching Shui writing.

According to the director Dong Xuehai, Shui people are one of a few minorities in China with its own language and writing system.

Its ancient characters, a combination with hieroglyphs, pictographs and abstract literals, are important parts of the minority group's heritage.

Although the performance is an adaptation of a previous one-act drama, Dong said that the new dance version has added much more content based on the real life experiences of local Shui people, including the traditional horn dance and other ritual ceremonies.


A scene from dance drama Ancient Songs at Wood Buildings Photo: Courtesy of Dongfang Nuan




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