China stable as US shakes world in 2017

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/28 23:13:39

In the year of 2017, the US shook the world unexpectedly. The entire world was a bit fazed to see Donald Trump, who does not look quite right in the role, being president of the only superpower in the world. The shock waves brought by Trump's policies spread to US allies, major powers worldwide and all nations that interacted with Washington.

Trump struck a blow to the previous agenda on the global arena, swayed the international logic which was jointly dominated by Western countries and thus formed uncertainties in the big picture of global decision making.

When it comes to the phrase "the decline of the West," the first thing Chinese think of is Europe. The European debt crisis was the most tragic scene of the financial crisis that lasted nearly a decade. Moreover, EU members no longer share the same credo. Brexit, terror attacks and refugee crises are also hitting hard. However, the ramshackle EU has in 2017 displayed its survival capabilities with its rising economic growth and new hope brought by newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron.

The US-Russia relationship has gone through a roller coaster ride this year. After Trump assumed office, it was expected that Washington-Moscow ties would witness a reboot, yet Russiagate ended that hope, leaving the bilateral relationship and ties between Russia and the West in a bitter winter. Russia was also humiliated by being banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Yet the country's economic depression ended in 2017 and its resilience was well-tested and proved.

Japan set an example to the world of maintaining absolute loyalty to Washington. India, on the other hand, was more frequently discussed as a major power, directly or indirectly because of China, given the Doklam standoff and the Indo-Pacific Strategy raised by the US. Washington showed its tendency for containing Beijing through the assistance of New Delhi and India showed signs of relaxing its non-alignment principles. India now stands at a crossroads.

Among all major powers apart from the US, China has been standing the most steadily in the face of shock waves from Washington thanks to Beijing's own strength and firm diplomatic principles. Sino-US relations got back on the right track soon after Trump entered the White House. This year China has gained more initiatives and power to shape its ties with the US and control problems between the two sides.

The US abruptly changed some of the rules of the game in the international community, yet the tools in Washington's hands are limited. The crisis on the Korean Peninsula revealed that Washington's capabilities don't match its volition.

China has been dedicated to domestic reform and development while promoting the Belt and Road initiative. One step at a time in 2017, Beijing has shown its reliability despite destabilizing moves from the US.

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