Show faith, buy Chinese

By Janice Jiang Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/1 15:28:39

After eight years, my German friend, Paul, and I met again in Munich.  

Paul is the same tall, handsome guy who speaks English with a cute German accent. But when we posed for selfies, I was surprised to see that he had replaced his old iPhone with a Chinese one. A German, a French citizen and a Chinese pulled out their smartphones together and found they were all Huawei.

For Paul, who used to be this trendy youngster, a Chinese smartphone was one of the last things I would have imagined him possessing. He said it was a "trend" to use Made-in-China phones in Europe. Later, I began to see more people with Huawei smartphones. Even my 52-year-old landlord from a small town close to the northern border in Germany uses Huawei.

In Constance, the border town between Germany and Switzerland, local telecommunication stores put up big posters of Huawei's Mate 10 right next to Apple's iPhone X. Huawei's Mate 10 was at one time seen as a rival to iPhone X.

I had heard about Huawei's popularity in Europe before I landed in Germany, but seeing the new "Made in China" so warmly received by the world's leader in manufacturing still gave me goose bumps.

According to Paul who now works as a pipeline engineer, "Made in China" is gradually reshaping its image and getting rid of the perception that such products are cheap. Huawei's successful landing in Germany is a good example. Chinese products have created a presence in the markets, not only with good prices but also with good quality and sometimes even better functions.

However, what I see back home in Beijing discourages me.

The blind frenzy over Apple products is just one example that shows how we look at the manufacturing industry in our own country. It is ironic to see how many Chinese still look down on "Made in China" when the term has gone through a rebirth and risen from the ashes of its outdated reputation.

Being modest is a good quality for Chinese, but as citizens of the world's second largest economy and record holder for the most invention patents in a year, it is time for us to grow a little more faith in our country and buy its products.

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