China E-Sports Carnival takes sector to the next level

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/1 17:23:39

Guests during the launch Photo: Courtesy of China National Sports Group

The China (Zhangzhou) E-Sports Carnival opened at the Golden Narcissus Theatre on December 22. The three-day carnival was the largest such event in Southeast China. More than 600 e-sports specialists and players attended the event in the Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic and Technological Development Zone (Zhangzhou Development Zone) in Fujian Province.

During the carnival, the final tournament of the 2017 Electric Sport China Cup (ESCC) China E-Sport League was held. After 10 months of matches across China, 16 teams from 10 cities and provinces made it to the final. They competed in two games, League of Legend and King of Glory.

Players during an e-sports competition Photo: Courtesy of China National Sports Group

The competition was hosted by the Zhangzhou Development Zone's administrative committee, the China Sports Venue Association, the ESCC organizing committee, China National Cyber Gaming Beijing and China National Cyber Gaming Xiamen.

Ding Yong, the Zhangzhou Development Zone's administrative committee director; Wei Weige, China National Sports Group (CNSG)'s vice president and vice party secretary; Tu Mingde, former vice president of the China Olympic Committee; Yang Dongxu, China Sports Venue Association's deputy secretary-general; Dai Weiyong, leader of the Expert Group of CNSG and Wang Delin, general manager of China Sports Industry International participated in the carnival's opening ceremony.

During the event, vice director of the Zhangzhou Development Zone Cai Zhiyong recalled the humble beginnings of the zone 25 years ago.

He noted that the once small rural village has developed into a booming zone today and likened the development of the e-sports industry to the growth of the city, saying that they both have the same vitality and promising future.

"I hope that the Zhangzhou Development Zone can grasp the opportunity brought by e-sports to further boost its economy," Cai said.

Yang said building and operating a national-level professional e-sports venue in the Zhangzhou Development Zone is essential for the transformation and upgrade of the regional economy. He added that in the future, the zone will play a leading role in the development of the e-sports industry in Southeast China.

"We have created a model for future e-sports venues," he said.

The ESCC event adopted the Disney style of entertainment and interaction. There were cosplay shows, artificial intelligence shows, holographic projection shows, e-sport celebrity and fan interactions, and livestreaming during the event.


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