The rise of retirement homes

By Laura Gong Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/2 15:03:39

Bright and warm sunshine streamed through the window as I listened to my friend Xiao Jing tell me that she and her husband had always wanted a DINK (dual income no kids) family.

For a long time, their elders could not understand their idea. They believe every family should "bring up sons to support their parents in their old age." As a result, the DINK lifestyle has come to represent the opposite of traditional Chinese family norms.

This doesn't signify that they should also abandon the obligation to support their parents. How to maintain their lifestyle and provide their parents with a comfortable life after they retire is an issue that Xiao Jing and the entire generation of only children need to confront.

Although the two-child era has come, many young people are more self-aware nowadays, and their desire for their own space and happiness has made them less likely to have children just for the sake of getting a pension.

The traditional family pension system that saw parents in the same room has already had a serious impact on the lives of two generations.

An efficient and secure social welfare system has become an urgent requirement for people like Xiao Jing to pursue their ideal lifestyle.

In recent years, various elder care options have been emerging as China's aging population grows. Nursing homes and apartments, community services and other assisted living providers, have indeed given hope and support to many elderly.

At the same time, an endless stream of old-age services, including old-age nursing homes and pension apartments have also emerged. There would be self-contained hospitals, ample green spaces and barrier-free pathways in the retirement centers. The comfort of the occupant is thoroughly considered, including health management, sports activities, food and beverage and other services.

Not only can the seniors enjoy an unrestrained and comfortable life in a self-contained apartment, they can also be served and taken care of in a timely manner by professional service staff and facilities.

I think the rise of retirement centers can help both younger and older generations live a more harmonious and rewarding life.

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