Popular Chinese restaurant Tin Tin continues to win over hearts and stomachs in Kenya's capital of Nairobi

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/1/2 17:48:40

Tin Tin, a Chinese restaurant located in central Nairobi, has been serving local Kenyans for nearly four decades with its zestful dishes and unique cultural background.

"This is a restaurant definitely worth a try," says Steven, a local resident in his 30s, to the Xinhua News Agency.

"It has provided Chinese food since my grandfather's time."

According to Henry Tin, the restaurant owner, Tin Tin was established in 1978 at the heart of the Nairobi Central Business District, upholding Chinese cuisines while incorporating local Kenyan preferences.

For years, Tin Tin has become a defining part of the city's landmark Kenya International Conference Center (KICC), attracting lots of office workers nearby and even presidential patrons.

"The former president of Kenya, [Daniel] Moi, was a very good patron for us. He comes almost once a month here and pay always in cash. Then [former president Mwai] Kibaki and now [President] Uhuru [Kenyatta]. They all enjoy our food," says Tin.

High quality food consistently served over the decades has helped maintain a loyal clientele, says Enoch Kivunaga, senior chef at Tin Tin.

"My experience depends on the customer. If I cook good food they always come back, no matter if they are presidents or ministers," the chef explains.

Facing challenges from other outlets in the new era, the restaurant has modified its business strategy by including outside catering into its services.

"We should be able to supply a meal in that 250 kshs ($2.40) to 300 kshs range in mass and work out the logistics to move around to offices," says Jamie Pujara, Tin's nephew and business partner.

Besides affordable food, Tin Tin also aims to enhance its level of professionalism and to have better business management systems, says Pujara.

Tin says he speaks Swahili well and perfectly pronounces indigenous names.

"I am a Kenyan Chinese. I love both great countries," says Tin.

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