Suspected thief kept ‘crime diary’

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/2 19:53:39

Police in Sichuan Province detained a thief who had kept a diary chronicling his crimes that included inspirational messages to "be hardworking."

Photos show officers in Chengdu arresting the suspect, who was unnamed, and pages from a book of handwritten notes detailing his robberies.

The book included maps of neighborhoods and locations of police stations, as well as a log of his break-ins.

"Remember: only take cash, gold, alcohol and cigars," read one entry, "Do not forget to find out if the cigars and alcohol are fakes."

The suspect thoroughly cased each neighborhood and included details such as his escape route, the notes show.

"Get off at the bus stop and walk 500 meters north to reach the destination," read another entry.

The suspect also added inspirational messages to keep him going. "You should not work only occasionally," he wrote. "Be hardworking."

The suspect is in police custody. It was not reported how he was caught, when the arrest occurred or if charges have been pressed.

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