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Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/3 16:13:39

45 - the number of strawberry greenhouses in Beijing's Changping district where more than 200,000 bees were used to pollinate strawberry since mid-October last year. Zhu Xindou, the manager of the strawberry base, said that since they started to use bees to pollinate the plant, undersized and malformed strawberries have both vanished. The improved appearance of the strawberries has also raised profits by 20 percent. Since bees are sensitive to pesticides, using bees to pollinate plants means green and safe produce.

6 - the number of months that a man surnamed Jin was sentenced to prison for illegally processing and discharging polluted water, according to the Haidian District People's Court. Between March and June last year, Jin processed metal in a rented factory in a village in Haidian without a business license and then discharged the polluted water into the soil through buried pipes, causing severe pollution. Tests revealed that the water had chrome, lead, copper, cadmium, nickel and zinc. Jin was also fined 5,000 yuan ($770). It's the Haidian district court's first case related to environmental pollution in which a person was imprisoned.

82 - the number of hospitals in the city capable of treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases that will get patients with such diseases from the Beijing Emergency Medical Center and Beijing 999 through an app. The app was released by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning in October and started operation on January 1. It will record the patient's condition, when the ambulance arrives and when the patient arrives at the hospital. The 82 hospitals include Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Hospital and Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University.

3 - the number of suspects that were arrested by police in Chaoyang district for breaking into apartments to steal. The suspects targeted old residential compounds because many of the locks on the apartments there were out of date and easy to pick. Cash, lockpicks, a gold ring and a gold necklace were found on them. The suspects, who hail from a village in Guizhou Province, were detained, and the case is still under investigation.


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