‘Forty Years of Chinese Sculpture’ exhibition debuts in Shenzhen

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/3 18:03:40

Statues at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Zhang Wei

In what must be one of the biggest showcases of Chinese sculpture displayed this century, the Forty Years of Chinese Sculpture exhibition in Shenzhen features a huge number of works from some of China's most well-known sculptors, from Xiang Jing to Yan Bing.

According to Sheng Wei, one of the exhibition's two curators, the project aims to review the art of Chinese sculpture over the past four decades as part of celebrations surrounding the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.

As the pioneer of the reform and opening up, Shenzhen was the greatest example of the great changes taking place in China.

The entire exhibition will be held in four parts running through 2018.

The current exhibition, set to run until February 23 at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning, makes up the first part and covers 2008-2017.

It features the works of 43 artists and is divided into three themes - "What is sculpture?" "The boundary between the everyday and art," and "Heritage and visions." 

In a special section, the exhibition also showcases artwork from Tian Shixin. More than 80 works created by Tian over the past 40 years explore historical figures and minority cultural heritage.

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