Chinese dance drama ‘Soaring Wings’ makes US debut in New York

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/1/7 15:08:40

Chinese dance drama Soaring Wings: Journey of the Crested Ibis premiered at the David H. Koch Theater in New York city's Lincoln Center.

The dance drama is produced by Shanghai Dance Theater. It explores the fate of crested ibises, beautiful and rare creatures that symbolize happiness and blessings in ancient China.

With traditional Chinese music, opulent costumes, and expressive choreography, the drama appeals to the audience to protect the environment.

"We establish the beauty of the bird and its habitat, destroy it and re-establish it in our drama in order to present to our audience the significance of protecting our Mother Earth," said Tong Ruirui, director and choreographer of the ballet drama.

She added that the crested ibis is a symbol representing mankind's pursuit of harmonious coexistence with all other species.

Lead dancer Zhu Jiejing said the choreographic language in the drama is unique as it combines ballet techniques and body movements that are typical in classical Chinese dance, and also includes movements imitating crested ibises.

After the New York performance, the dance drama will be performed on January 11-12 at the Shubert Theater in the Boch Center, Boston.

Soaring Wings Photo: IC



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