Star Wars’ tai chi links

By Kathy De Leye Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/12 17:16:23

A couple of days ago, I went to watch the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017). I never really liked watching such movies and am certainly not an avid fan, but a while ago, I read an article that said Star Wars is based on tai chi or Taoist philosophy, and being an avid tai chi practitioner, I wanted to see it for that purpose.

I loved the movie and recognized many things that were based on tai chi philosophy. You have the light and dark side, but both are not entirely dark or light. People move over to the dark side, and both sometimes flow into each other, like yin and yang.

The movie says the Force is everywhere and you need to tap into the Force within you to become a good Jedi. The concept is similar to nature in tai chi.

In tai chi, you also have to practice to create more awareness of the world around you. When Luke Skywalker teaches Rey to meditate, it's entirely according to tai chi principles.

The Force within you is your internal energy called qi, and through tai chi practice and meditation it becomes stronger. Some Taoist monks can prolong their life and can even become immortal. It is the same in Star Wars where Master Yoda becomes a guiding spirit for Jedi masters.

The Wu Wei - nothingness, a state of non-action is translated into the Code of the Jedi. Wu Wei states that the best action is sometimes no action; your inner nature has to be in harmony with the natural laws around you. It's the same with a Jedi master. He needs to feel the force and let it guide him to the best action.

I really love that an American film company based a multibillion-dollar franchise on ancient Chinese philosophy. That it was successful among people all over the world should be a sign for Chinese to embrace their traditional culture. It's now up to China to take it as a marketing tool to show how effective their ancient wisdom is.

Chinese culture nowadays is too influenced by American consumerism. Too many Chinese look up to US culture. It's funny to see that Americans, or at least Hollywood, are looking at Chinese culture and find inspiration there.

Indulge yourself in this new movie and learn all about the ancient teachings of old Taoist masters! May the qi be with you!

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