Trains canceled, airports closed, traffic jammed as winter bites Central, East China

By Shan Jie Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/26 21:48:40

Trains canceled, airports closed, traffic jammed as winter bites

Heavy snow and low temperatures caused cancellations and transport delays across Central China and East China on Friday.

The snow in Shanghai this week is the heaviest in a decade, the reported.

Snow fell on Shanghai Friday morning after heavy snow hit Wednesday, lowering the city's temperature to -2 C, the Shanghai-based news website said.

"There have been a few flights canceled and delayed, but in general it's normal," an employee at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport told the Global Times on Friday afternoon. He asked not to be named.

Shanghai's two main airports - Pudong and Hongqiao - finished sweeping snow off the runways in the morning to allow flights to take off and land, the municipality's reported on Friday.

"This is the first heavy snow I've seen since I moved to Shanghai from North China five years ago. It was very quiet after the snow in the morning, like a fairytale," Chen Shasha, a Shanghai resident, told the Global Times.

"Snowmen are everywhere… and the roads became very clean after snow," said Chen Zhizhi, another Shanghai resident. "The traffic was heavy last night, but in the morning it was ok."

Meanwhile in Beijing, the railway authorities canceled trains on Thursday to Shanghai as well as to cities in Anhui, Fujian, Henan, Shaanxi and Zhejiang provinces. Passengers could claim refunds within 30 days, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Beijing has still not seen its first snow this winter, even though temperatures hit -10 C in the last three days.

"In buses and offices, the temperature is pretty low," Yang Haichen, a Beijing resident, told the Global Times, "And I heard that if there is no snow, there are more viruses in the air."

Electricity demand broke all records this week, according to the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company.

Tuesday saw the capital city's biggest power surge to 15.5 million kilowatts, reported.

Apart from Shanghai and Beijing, the cities of Nanjing and Wuxi of East China's Jiangsu Province had severe delays and cancellations at their airports.

In Central China, airports were closed in the Hunan provincial capital of Changsha and the Anhui Province cities of Hefei and Anqing, said on Friday.

About 30 percent of flights were delayed or canceled on Thursday afternoon, Xinhua reported.

Cars were stranded on the border between Huzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province, and Ningguo, a county-level city in Anhui, Xinhua said. They caused tailbacks of over 10 kilometers, with more than 1,000 cars not moving at peak.

"More police officers are on the road because of the snow, and schools have begun the winter holiday in advance," said Fu Qiang, a resident of E'zhou in Central China's Hubei Province.

Snow will continue Saturday in many parts of East and Central China including Shandong, Jiangsu and Hubei provinces, China's national observatory said on Friday night. Also on Friday night it issued seven snowstorm yellow alerts for Hubei Province.

Newspaper headline: Snowstorms besiege Central, East China


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