National industrial heritage list released

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/28 19:13:39

The Department of Research and Publicity of China Association for Science and Technology recently released its first batch of National Industrial Heritages, Shanghai Observer reported Sunday.

The list includes government-run enterprises established during the Westernization Movement(1861-95), as well as 156 projects founded after the founding of People's Republic of China, covering a variety of categories including maritime, military and railway.

Authorities pointed out that industrial heritage is an important carrier of human civilization and historical development, which has recorded important information on China's industrial development.

On the list, Shanghai has six industrial heritages: General Bureau of Machine Manufacture of Jiangnan, Waibaidu Bridge, Fufeng Flour Factory, Fuxin Flour Factory, Yangshupu Waterworks and Shanghai Eastern Sewage Treatment Plant.

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