US falls behind China in global leadership approval: Gallup survey

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/1/28 23:33:40

The median global approval rate of the US leadership in world affairs has dropped behind that of China over the past year, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by American consulting company Gallup, found that approval of US leadership in more than 130 countries had dropped to 30 percent in 2017, the lowest since the company began tracking the measure a decade ago.

China scored a 31 percent approval rate, the same as the previous year.

The survey said the US image was weaker in "every part of the world" and stable ratings in China give it "an advantage over the US."

In the Americas, where the US approval dropped to new lows and China won more approval, China may be positioned to take further advantage as it has overtaken the US as the top trading partner in parts of Latin America, the survey said.

China also exceeded the US in approval rates in Asia. The two countries' approval ratings were tied in Europe and the US and China both have positive images in Africa.The shift, according to media reports, comes as the US is facing an unprecedented trust crisis, while China takes on more important roles in global governance and wins the hearts and minds of people at home and abroad with successful campaigns such as the anti-corruption war.

The Gallup survey was based on face-to-face and telephone interviews with about 1,000 adults in each studied country or area between March and November 2017. They were asked to rate the United States, German, Russian and Chinese leadership in world affairs.



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