Shanghai’s annual bonus ranks highest in China

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/29 19:28:41

A new survey shows that the nationwide per capita year-end bonus for company workers in 2017 is 7,278 yuan ($1,139), which is actually less compared with 2016. In Shanghai, the figure is 11,913 yuan, exceeding Beijing and taking the lead in China.

Ningbo has also surpassed Beijing with 10,450 yuan, followed by Beijing at third with 10,216 yuan, Laodong Daily reported Monday.

In China, cash is the most conventional way to reward hard-working employees, followed by stock options, to improve company loyalty. Material objects are the third most-popular form used by businesses to show their appreciation to employees.

Analysis also indicates that an employee's satisfaction of their year-end bonuses is inversely proportional to the length of their service in the company. Data reveals that new employees who have worked for only one year are most satisfied with their award while long-term employees gradually become less satisfied.

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