City opens 162 more 24-hour drug stores

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/29 19:33:39

According to Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Administration, Shanghai has announced the second batch of 24-hour drug stores across the city, 162 stores in total, in order to better cater to residents requiring emergency medication without having to further congest local hospitals, Xinmin Evening News reported Sunday.

Notably, "24-hour" does not necessary mean the store itself stays open round the lock; some will only have a night service window and one attendant on duty.

The city released the first batch of 24-hour drug stores, 654 in total, including No.1 Pharmacy, Huashi Pharmacy, Yifeng Pharmacy and GuoDa Drugstore, Yutiancheng Pharmacy. All together there are presently 816 drugstores in Shanghai providing such services.

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