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Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/30 19:53:39

China’s rising rate of marriage infidelity spans occupations and lifestyles

A website recently released statistics about what kind of Chinese people in certain industries tend to have the highest rate of infidelity with their spouses.

According to the study, IT men and stay-at-home moms are most likely to have an affair. Teachers, doctors, lawyers and secretaries follow closely behind in their propensity to cheat on their spouses.

The Global Times recently asked some ordinary Chinese and foreign people in Shanghai for their opinions about this study and who they think are most likely to have an affair.

American national Natalie and Lyubo from Bulgaria agree with this statistics. "IT guys are likely to have an affair because it's easier for them to use social media and hookup apps," Lyubo said.

Russian Daria, Nie Pei from China and James from Ireland disgree. Daria and James said that cheating has nothing to do with one's occupation. Nie has a good impression of tech bros. "I feel they are loyal, because their lives are very dull and they often work overtime," she said.

According to a survey on 200 cheating husbands, 48 percent of men who have an affair do so because their psychological needs are not being met by their wives, Japanese media Livedoor reported. Among them 40 percent have had an affair with their work colleagues. And according to media reports, women who are quiet or pursue excitement are most likely to cheat on their spouses.

Kristina from Russia believes that male doctors and lawyers are most likely to cheat. "Because they meet a lot of people every day. And doctors work with a lot of pretty nurses." Among females, Kristina expects that secretaries make the most unfaithful wives. "Because she works in an office and probably her boss is a man who works with her in the same office."

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The spirit of freedom

Colombian national Juan feels that husbands and wives who have lots of free time are more likely to have an affair. Miki from China agrees. "If someone lacks responsibility, they also lack loyalty."

Natalie said that people who are bored in life or bored in their relationship or not satisfied with a current relationship are more likely to cheat on their other half. Robert from Canada agrees. "If you are constantly working or you are always with your family, then you won't cheat," he said.

According to survey data released by, a matchmaking website in China, more than 80 percent of respondents said that they have friends who have had an affair. Zhang Shasha, a relationship expert, said that there are two primary reasons for the increase in infidelity in modern Chinese society.

The first is that, in the era of rapid economic development, material conditions are abundant, which allows people more choices in their pursuit of love. The other factor, according to Zhang, is that while contemporary public opinion advocates the spirit of freedom, the problems derived from freedom - such as a lack of moral restraint - emerge in an endless stream.

"More than half of all people who find out their spouse is cheating on them will choose to continue to live with them. But such high tolerance is harmful to marriage itself." Zhang reminded.

Robert said he has friends who are cheating on their spouse. "But if they found out, they would probably kill them."

Natalie also has a few friends who were cheated on. "Most of the time it is unforgivable." But she added that she thinks it happens all the time, no matter what kind of relationship someone is in. "Hetero- or homosexual relationships, everyone is human, and we tend to get a little bit bored and we tend to look for other things."

Zhang suggested that, when married people find out that their spouse is having an affair, they should first attempt to estimate the situation. If it's an unintended mistake, they can communicate and see how they behave in the future. Because choosing to get divorced on impulse will cause severe harm to their family and children."

"On the other hand," Zhang said, "if the other half has already done irrevocable damage to their marriage, the couple should strive to minimize the harm to family and children."

This article was written by Zhou Xinyu.

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