Crackdown on unlicensed food production proceeds

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/30 20:03:39

Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration recently revealed that most unlicensed restaurants will be eliminated from the city, according to the municipal government on Tuesday.

In 2017, Shanghai made tremendous achievements in the management of unlicensed food venues. According to a white paper on food safety in Shanghai, the city regulated unlicensed food production or marketing at approximately 24,000 restaurants, 16,000 of which were outright shut down and 8,000 which were told to apply for relevant certificates.

The deputy director of  the administration said that they will allow fresh food to be processed/prepared at convenience stores if the store has a proper kitchen and can ensure food safety. Relevant standards for health and food safety will be published and made available to the public. Citizens who report unlicensed restaurants to the local authorities will be rewarded.

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