Inspirational work environment helps team members thrive

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/31 18:18:39

The redesigned Chopsticks-Hilton Beijing team member restaurant Photo: Courtesy of Hilton Beijing

This is the third consecutive year Hilton has received the award, which underscores the company's exceptional workplace culture and once again sees Hilton as the highest ranked hospitality company.

What is the reason for this achievement? At Hilton, team members are at the heart of their success, and they are committed to showing each guest the same incredible hospitality every day. That is why the Hilton Beijing management team attaches such importance to the team members' working environment to create a home atmosphere based on the Thrive@Hilton purpose.

The Chopsticks-Hilton Beijing team member restaurant opened in 2010, replacing vendors in 2017. The hotel management immediately decided to invest in renovation to rebuild the dining experience, and the entire design was overseen by Stefan Schmid, general manager of Hilton Beijing. Together with the human resources team, they selected the buffet setup, the wall colors, flooring, lighting and other facets of the restaurant. Echoing the Thrive@ Hilton program, Schmid approached a domestic well-known art design company to put forward the "body, mind, spirit" culture, breaking through the boundaries to make the decor come to life. It has received lots of positive feedback from colleagues, such as "Love the new restaurant, especially the collocation of color;" "dining here is more like sitting in a formal social restaurant;" "art is the punch line, and you are always wondering what the story is," "I can only say, I have to extend my lunch hour."

A month later, the new chopsticks restaurant reopened. Bright and spacious, the beautiful story wall and a wide selection of food greatly inspired the team members, and the new furniture and surroundings gave the team members a wonderful place to relax and enjoy delicious food. The art wall is the focal point, created by Plastered 8, a local Beijing-sourced apparel and creative products brand, who worked with a Japanese artist to create the pop art mural in eight short weeks. The founder of Plastered 8, Dominic Johnson-Hill said, "We saw that the Hilton team was from all over China and felt inspired to create a fun voyage to Beijing, conceptualizing a journey of a girl and a boy running over the water in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and then jumping into a new world. They appear in a kung fu action fight,  slay a dragon, travel past Shanghai and finally skateboard into Beijing. The artwork spans over 50 square meters so it was quite a challenge but also a lot of fun as Hilton gave us total creative freedom."

"We are aiming to provide a 'Great Place to Work' for all our team members; the 24-year-old Hilton Beijing is striving to make efforts on upgrading the 'Heart of House,' following the new Chopsticks opening, the relaxing room has also had a preliminary remodeling and the entire corridor has been repainted in unit colors. These efforts contribute to a more favorable working environment for our most valued assets, our people," Schmid said.


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