Devil training

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/1 18:08:39

The martial artists of Shanghai Armed Police Corps

Shanghai Armed Police Corps conscientiously safeguard the city's security and remain an everlasting deterrent to potential crime. To do so, they undergo rigorous training to improve their comprehensive capabilities and fitness abilities. At the beginning of 2018, Shanghai Armed Police Corps conducted a four-day "devil training" session.

On January 3, over 3,000 officers and men began their winter military training. Both veterans and new recruits showed their high enthusiasm and perseverance during a wide variety of training, including pursuit and evasion, air defense, night attacks and anti-terrorism. When carrying out anti-terrorism practices, the groups used advanced equipment and technologies including GIS (Geographic information system), drones and reconnaissance robots.

"I was so honored and lucky to be recruited, being a solider is my dream." Li Jian, a new recruit born in 1994 told "In the past I thought basketball was all for me, the playground was my stage and I enjoyed sweating. But now I find enthusiasm in military training. Whatever difficulty I confront, I firmly believe that every cloud has a silver lining."

Among the Shanghai Armed Police Corps, Yuan Jiacheng, who earned fame due to his expertise in martial arts and kung fu, was recruited in 2011. His solid martial skills have benefited him during his training.

"Military training requires physical fitness and martial arts also need a solid physical foundation; Military training calls for perseverance and martial art also requires firm persistence. An armed police needs to be fast, accurate and determined, and martial artists are trained with the same characteristics," Yuan said.

His talent and skills have drawn admiration and respect among his fellow recruits, who hope to learn from him. Thereafter, a "martial arts team" was founded inside the armed police corps.

In addition, Yuan also made connections between military training and kung fu in his spare time, refining their combat action to be more practical and efficient.

Corps demonstrate kung fu to local community. Photos: Yang Hui/GT and courtesy of Shanghai Armed Police Corps

Yuan training

Yuan practices cupping.

Yuan breaks a steel bar with his head.

Yuan performs a back flip.

Yuan (right) chatting with fellow recruits

Yuan Jiacheng during a training session






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