First Honors List for Enterprises in Chongming district

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/4 19:03:40

To foster more top-notch enterprises is essential for building Chongming into a world-class eco-island. Recently, Chongming district government released its "No.1 Document" in 2018, in which the Measures of Chongming District for Implementation of the System of Releasing Honors List for Enterprises was officially promulgated.

In the Measures, five evaluating indicators for corporate entities based in the district were specified. The incentive mechanism of appraising and releasing an honors list for enterprises annually is aimed at fostering top-notch enterprises in line with the requirements of the mission to build Chongming into a world-class eco-island.

Reportedly, the first "Honors List for Enterprises" is scheduled to be released after Spring Festival.

Top-notch enterprises can provide important impetus for building Chongming into a world-class eco-island, but currently the "engine" is still weak. Introduction of the Measures is intended to address the issue of "underperforming enterprises."

It was learned by the reporter that, by selecting model enterprises and releasing an honors list annually, the Measures were intended to impel enterprises based in the district to enhance protection of the environment and transformation and upgrade according to the requirements for building Chongming into a world-class eco-island so that they could play a more positive role in building Chongming into a benchmark and model of ecology in the world.

Chongming recently set up the system for appraising and releasing the honors lists for enterprises, composed of 16 departments related to corporate entities, including the District Development and Reform Commission, the District Economic Commission and the District Rural Committee, with its office established in the Economic Commission. It organizes appraisal annually.

The Measures set up a range of criteria for inclusion of an eligible enterprise into the list, including "in line with the development orientation and structural requirements on corporate entities in Chongming," "corporate integrity," "not being listed as an abnormal operator," "no prior conviction for violation of labor security laws and regulations or group conflicts provoked by labor security issues" and "no prior record of criminal or grave administrative punishment to legal representatives for misbehaving," and also specified the procedures for appraising and releasing an honors list for enterprises.

This story was based on a press release by the municipal government.


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