Tech, training key to upgrading China’s military forces: analysts

By Zhao Yusha Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/4 23:13:39

Technological innovation and training are the most important factors for transforming China's forces "into a world-class military," experts noted.

The goal of building world-class forces matches the country's international status, and plays a leading role in building a strong army to consolidate our national security and interest, People's Daily said in an article on Sunday.

The article examined how and why China should build a "world-class military."

By building a strong army, China has no intention to invade or expand. The goal was put forward because a strong force guarantees economic construction, said Li Daguang, a professor at the PLA National Defense University.

The army must now require itself to meet world-class standards if it is to build a "world-class force," and equip itself with the world's most advanced military theory, said Li.

China has vowed to basically complete modernization of national defense and armed forces by 2035 and fully build the army into a "world-class force" by the mid-21st century.

To achieve this goal, the army should focus on improving the quality of its soldiers and officers and improve its ability to innovate, Xu Guangyu, a retired major general and senior adviser to the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, told the Global Times.

According to staff in charge of recruitment in Beijing, the proportion of college graduates for the first time surpassed 80 percent of newly recruited soldiers in 2017.

Innovation and allowing people in the military to quickly maneuver new technology is the key to winning a modern battle, said Li, adding that although China still lags behind  top military powers, the country is rapidly catching up.

China's first domestically-built aircraft carrier - its second such warship, is expected to soon undergo sea tests.

According to Li, the army has also strictly governed its personnel in recent years, to curb corruption and ensure troops are more combat-ready.

Over the past five years, fighting corruption in the military has been a focus of the sweeping anti-graft crackdown, and has led to the investigation and imprisonment of dozens of military officers, the Xinhua News Agency reported in 2017.

Meanwhile, Li said that China should not abandon the country's good traditions and should strengthen its political development. "The Party's absolute leadership is the foundation of army building and it is one of the biggest advantages we have compared with other countries," he noted.

Newspaper headline: Tech, training key to upgrading China’s military forces

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