Ecuador products hit dinner tables for the New Year

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/12 18:48:39

At the end of the Chinese New Year family dinner activity, everyone makes a toast and wishes each other a happy New Year. Photo: Courtesy of Commercial Office of Ecuador in Shanghai


Ecuadorian chocolate Photo: Courtesy of Commercial Office of Ecuador in Shanghai


Ecuador's white shrimp Photo: Courtesy of Commercial Office of Ecuador in Shanghai

Sales for Ecuador gift boxes on Alibaba's business unit Tmall Fresh began in Hangzhou on January 18. Launched by Diego Vega, the chief commercial officer of Ecuador based in Shanghai, the gift box is part of Tmall Discovery, an important program within Tmall marketing this year that is hosted by Pro Ecuador, Ecuador's Institute of Export and Investment Promotion.


There will be over 10 million views for this promotion, and Tmall will plan out different content to engage consumers and other internal system support to promote the gift box.


Ecuador's gift box includes Ecuadorian shrimp the size of an adult's hand, Ecuadorian chocolate and a 20 yuan coupon. Consumers have responded to Ecuador's call and there was 1,000 limited edition Ecuador gift boxes being sold during the Tmall Chinese New Year promotion. Chinese consumers love Ecuadorian shrimp because of the taste, texture and color. From January to November 2017, China has bought around 14,538 tons of shrimp from Ecuador, representing a 36.5 percent growth in volume year on year. Consumers are able to have Ecuadorian shrimp delivered directly to their doors, and Tmall Fresh did so during Tmall's Chinese New Year promotion.


Lunar New Year's Eve is traditionally a time for all three generations of a family to celebrate under one roof. One lucky Tmall family in Shanghai got the gift box delivered by the Commercial Consul of Ecuador in Shanghai Santiago Yánez on February 8. In addition to delivering the Ecuador gift box, also cooked and taught the family how to make Ecuadorian shrimp meals and other dishes in their home.


The family also reciprocated by making traditional Chinese dishes using the delicious Ecuadorian shrimp and other food in return. For the shrimp, the grandmother Xu made them in the traditional Chinese way by stewing them in brown sauce, and the fragrant smell filled the house at once. This was an interesting moment since she taught Yánez how to cook them this way. In another part of the room, foreigners from different countries learned how to make dumplings.


Xu, the mother, said that the Ecuadorian shrimps were so fresh and tender. And everyone felt excited to taste the luxurious chocolate and spoke highly of its natural taste.


Representatives of the shrimp distributor Haidachu, or seafood master, claim that the cooperation with Pro Ecuador, Tmall and Toak was a great success. The event was very interesting, the atmosphere was so warm and everyone was very devoted. The shrimp and chocolate brought happiness to everyone who took part in the event.



Yánez expressed that this was a successful experience for the promotion of Ecuadorian shrimp and chocolate. Being able to cooperate with Tmall to offer Chinese consumers the experience of Ecuadorian products and sharing ways of preparing the shrimp using Chinese and Ecuadorian techniques was definitely an unforgettable experience.


The experience was broadcasted live by Tmall KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and reached around 50,000 viewers. Top Shanghai will also broadcast the event through various TV programs as well as promotions through internet platforms such as WeChat and Youku. All the efforts are expected to reach around 4 million viewers.

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